Phenotropil alternative is now on sale in Russia


Nanotropial Novo (Fonturacetam)

A new nootropic drug called Nanotropil appeared in pharmacies accross Russia in May 2020. It’s active ingredient is Fonturacetam. The nootropic has the same active substance as Phenotropil’s Phenylpiracetam. The production of Phenotropil stopped at Valenta Pharm in 2017 due to disagreements with the copyright holder of the drug. The certification on Nanotropil is newly registered by Valenta-Intellect, the production is organized by the Obninsk Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company (OKHFK, part of Mir-Pharm).

At the end of May 2020 comments and user reviews appeared in blogs and in social networks.

The first certification for the drug with Fonturacetam was first received by Mir-Pharma back in 2017. Then Valenta-Intellect, owned by Valenta Pharm became the holder of registation rights. The drug was renamed from Phenylpiracetam to Nanotropil Novo. But until recently, did not go on sale.


Phenotropil (Phenylpiracetam)

Since April 2017 Valenta Pharm ceased manufacturing of Phenotropil, whose sales amounted to about 1 billion Russian rubles per year. The copyright holders Valentina Akhapkina and Roman Akhapkin terminated the license agreements for trademarks and patents. Valentina Akhapkina then told Bodyhunter that Valenta Pharm was not involved in the improvement of Phenotropil: “The drug was not introduced into children’s practice, new dosage forms were not developed and introduced. The management of the company was satisfied only with the operation of the product, but not with its development. ”

Valentina Akhapkina at the time stated that a newly formed compnay – Vira Innfarm (80% owned by Valentina Akhapkina, 10% owned by Roman Akhapkin and another 10% by the former General Director of Valenta Pharm – Alexander Itin) will be responsible for the development of Phenotropil.

Generic Phenotropil was also registered by Teva in 2016, but it was not put into final study stage. Clinical bio studies of drugs containing phenylpiracetam, at different times were carried out by several companies including: Pharmstandard, Mosmedpreparaty and Severnaya Zvezda.

Phenotropil brand was and currently is protected by patents issued by Vira Innfarm. In 2019 Valenta Intellect registered a patent for “a new composition of N-carbamoylmethyl-4-phenyl-2-pyrrolidone”, which is a phenylpiracetam in combination with 4-phenylpyrrolidone-2 (not more than 1% in the composition). “The inventors unexpectedly found” that the new composition has “better properties” in comparison with phenylpiracetam: it increases the storage time of the composition, its dissolution rate, and reduces hygroscopicity (moisture absorption capacity).

Valenta Pharm is a Russian pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets prescription and OTC drugs in such therapeutic areas as immunology, virology and antibacterial therapy, psychoneurology, gastroenterology, urology, etc. The most famous brands are Ingavirin, Grammidin , Immucil, Fenazepam, Teraligen, Ziden and Zorex. According to open information sources, the revenue of Valenta Pharm JSC in 2019 amounted to 13.3 billion Russian rubles, net profit – 4.8 billion Russian rubles.

Where To Buy Nanotropil Novo?

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