Fluconazole Therapy Against Candidiasis (Candida): How to Use, Feedbacks of Physicians and Patients


Azoles are efficient antimycotic agents mentioned by clinicians above all others. They provide a potent treatment of all the candidiasis types (i.e., generalized, urogenital and oral ones; dermatomycosis). The great advantage is that 1 tablet (150 mg) is a sufficient dose to manage acute infection. Fluconazole is the most popular comprehensively studied systemic antifungal drug.

It is suitable for candidiasis therapy of all the organs and tissues with epithelial mucosa in men, women and children. However, resistance (i.e., inefficiency) cases are also possible. In particular, a physician determines these subtle aspects. We just offer you the instruction for use of Fluconazole at various stages of candidiasis, data on onset of action, as well as relevant feedbacks of physicians and patients.

Candida fungus.

Why is Fluconazole an efficient drug to treat candidiasis?

The drug is a first-generation triazole antifungal drug. Fluconazole provides an evident antimycotic action because it inhibits synthesis of fungal styroles and prevents transformation of lanosterol to ergosterol. The latter leads to degranulation of pathogenic microorganism cell membranes and their death. Despite inhibition of CYP-dependent fungal enzymes, the drug does not suppress functionally similar biologically active substances in a human body. So, the compound does not complicate hepatic activity. Also, it is digested fast and freely.

Since the active ingredient is resistant to gastric acid, its bioavailability is high equally (≥90%) in all the dosage forms.

In can be used regardless of food intake time.

Only 11-12% plasma protein binding provides high efficiency and bioavailability. Half-life is about 30 hours. It is excreted in urine (80% is unchanged).

These very properties result in high potent therapy of urogenital mycoinfections (in particular, candidiasis)

Fluconazole: Instruction for Use


Treatment schedule depends on a type of the disease, as well as on clinical experience, preferences and qualification of a physician. A daily dose is adjusted according to course and severity of a fungal infection. The therapy where repeated use is required should be performed till a clinical laboratory effect (i.e., total disappearance of symptoms).

Undertreated candidiasis can lead to recurrence of the active infection. The drug can be used till results of cultural or another laboratory testing. Then, it can be added to schedule of antimicrobial drugs of choice.

Mild or moderate symptoms: use single dose (150 mg = a capsule) of Fluconazole. This schedule is suitable for a new onset or a non-complicated case.

Concomitant diseases and evident symptoms: 2 capsules (150 mg each) should be used every 72 hours (i.e., on Day 1 and Day 4).

Recurrent candidiasis (females): increase the dose to 3 tablets (150 mg each). Use a tablet on Day 1, Day 4 and Day 7. Then, maintenance anti-relapse treatment should be conducted. Namely, use 150 mg weekly for 6 months.


The drug is considered to be the most justified in all the aspects of use. This is a conventional approach to male candidiasis therapy.

Recommended dose: 150 mg (single fose) + Flucorem infriction. Apply local drugs on fungal foci and cover intact skin areas once a day for 5-7 days

When will candidiasis disappear after Fluconazole use?

A significant improvement is observed in 2 days after the start of use because almost all symptoms relieve. However, this does not mean complete disappearance of the disease. The conclusion can be drawn only on the basis of appropriate testing results obtained after termination of the medically prescribed protracted treatment.

To manage skin candidiasis signs, the first dose of the drug (150 mg) should be combined with local application of a cream/gel containing the same active ingredient on an affected site. To nail the effect down, take one more tablet in the same dosage on the Day 3. Continue local use till complete disappearance of skin signs.

Therapy of chronic candidiasis is longer. According to a conventional therapeutic schedule, the drug (dose – 150 mg) should be taken orally at following intervals:

  • the first use
  • in three days
  • in two weeks
  • a tablet taken monthly for six months

According to gynecological recommendations, women should take a maintenance dose of Fluconazole on the first day of their menstrual cycle

Now let’s see some excerpts from medical feedbacks.

Mikhail Panaev, obstetrician-gynecologist: the antimycotic agent represents time-honoured practical treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis. If a patient is adherent to the dosage and the administration schedule, the therapy is unlikely to misfire.

Mariya Poplavskaya, clinical pharmacist: fluconazole-based dosage forms are the best-sellers among antifungal agents on the national pharmaceutical market.

Pavel Bykov, obstetrician-gynecologist: drugs containing fluconazole as an active ingredient are my ”gold standard” for therapy of non-complicated vaginal candidiasis.

In appropriate cases similarly named cream is suitable for step-down therapy (including local one). This results in a proven clinical effect and clear recovery presentation.

Anna Belyak, gynecologist: I prescribe Fluconazole to manage candidiasis detected by testing results. Considering the fact that only 5% of fungal strains are resistant to the drug active ingredient, my selection criterion is a fast provided therapeutic effect

Does Fluconazole really manage candidiasis? Feedbacks of patients.

Irina, Moscow
Me and my friend, we started to treat candidiasis simultaneously. Although we have different attending physicians, they recommended medications with the same active ingredient to us. My friend took Fucis, and I used Fluconazole. Nevertheless, we obtained the same beneficial effect. Certainly, Fucis is an excellent product but why should I pay more?

Anastasia, Ufa
This a reliable and, by surprise, affordable drug. It represents a nice domestic equivalent of expensive foreigh products. That’s great that our pharmacies offer affordable essential medicines and support a domestic producer.

Various manufacturers of Fluconazole.

Elena, Obninsk
I heard various drug-related feedbacks. Most of them were good (e.g., it was considered to be a cheap efficient product). As for me, I avoided any troubles for a long time. Diagnosed candidiasis left unhappy memories for me. I visited a physician and did my tests immediately. I used the most simple domestic product prescribed to me and the therapy was clear, fast, cheap and cheerful in a good way.

Alexandra, Bataisk
If I could, I would sing about this wonderful drug. However, I just call it cool instead! It provided an immediate aid. The disease do not trouble me for three years.

Nataliya, Sevastopol
Angry with candidiases, fluconazole will kill them all! I have a positive mood!

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