Cortexin: a peptide bioregulator with nootropic action


Cortexin is a unique low-dose neuropeptide with a three-vector mechanism of action.

It effectively protects and restores the functions of the central nervous system: neuroprotection, neuroplasticity (restoring the balance of neurotransmitters and interneuronal interactions) and neuroreparation (regulating the growth and differentiation of neurons).

Cortexin 10 mg per vial, 10 vials per pack. Enough for one course of treatment for adults. Children should be administered with 5 mg version.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are drugs which activate the metabolism in the nerve cells and improve mental processes. Such drugs are developed for patients with neurological problems. For example, for those who have suffered a stroke, suffer from epilepsy or Alzheimer’s disease. They need to protect the brain from destruction and spur nerve cells to live at the same level as healthy people. There are many studies which show that that person who takes nootropics, interprets information faster, learns better, remembers more and tolerates high loads and stress more easily. That why nootropics are of high interest to older people, people who have high mental load jobs and students.

Cortexin actions

  • Neuroprotective effect

It is also known as an effect of nerve cell protection. It is understood that a number of nerve cells decreases in an age-dependent manner. Although they are suitable for restoration and neurogenesis, apoptosis speed is faster. Typically, the process leads to intellectual disorders in seniors. The activity of so-called caspases represents a method of such an apoptosis (i.e., death of nerve cells). To provide better maintenance of neurons, Cortexin can inhibit or block several caspases.

Well, it may sound too complicated. In plain English, Cortexin weakens all the factors that kill a nerve cell. They include after-effects of alcohol and other addictive substances, age-related changes and other negative cerebral effects.

Moreover, Cortexin can support the best possible working capacity even in hypoxic conditions. So it is suitable for sportsmen.

  • Neurogenesis

This is the second main effect for whom all the neuropeptides are famous for. It means creation of new nerve cells induced by stimulated transcription of cortical neurotrophins (NGF, BDNF). The effect can be considered as cerebral regeneration that is an extremely efficient tool to manage a brain injury.

  • Antistress effect

Altered level of cortisol (i.e., one of primary stress hormones) was reported by at least 2 studies (1 , 2). In particular, Cortexin led to reduction of excessive level of the hormone. Therefore, you feel yourself less nervous.

One more source reported that Cortexin is able to increase serotonin level. Main anti-depressive neurotransmitter (3). Although a direct link with stress was not detected, there is a connection with a type of depression that can be also considered as stress.

  • Another effect

There are reported data on positive effect on patients with alcohol addiction (4).

Regardless of an absent placebo group, the research in teenage girls with neurasthenia demonstrated 80% improvement (5).

Memantine with Cortexin combined produces excellent results.

Cortexin effects

This is a rather self-assessed characteristic based on personal experience and recommendations found in the Internet:

  • Neophilia

The unusual effect represents a great desire to obtain new knowledges. In particular, it means reading a book, learning a foreign language/new educational program or attending a training course rather than viewing a news feed in a social network. It seems as if a degree of interest in any activity increases by several scores.

  • Humanity

Although I meant ”rationality” initially, it is not a simple logic. Better emotionality and empathy are also mentioned. Along with this, a Phenibut-like effect is associated with lower aggression and relaxation. So, there is a positive emotional effect.

  • Dreams

They are so realistic that even drive me mad sometimes. When I wake up, I need several seconds to return to my familiar reality.

  • Decreased animal instinct

It represents positive and negative impacts simultaneously. For example, I worry less about Dominate-Rule-Humiliate instinct. I feel reduced motivation to physical exercises and nightlong parties but higher adherence to intellectual activity and quality of social contacts (instead of quantity).

Cortexin course

The product has several contraindications and side effects.

Intramuscular or intravenous use. Avoid intravenous self-injections without a medical monitoring.

Moreover, the drug solution is prepared as per the special method.

In general, perform an intramuscular injection (10 mg) every day or every other day. In total, the course is 10 injections. If you are going to try it, you must read an appropriate instruction to know the right way to make an injection avoiding occasional penetration into a vessel. Regardless of an immediate effect, the product is more evident at the end of the course or even several weeks afterwards.

Cortexin conclusion

  • Cortexin is a neuropeptide whose properties are similar to other nootropics of the same group.
  • Neuroprotective effect, neurogenesis stimulation, antistress effect. At least, these points have been already investigated.
  • The product is used in medical practice to treat patients with ischemia, stroke and  encephalopathy.
  • Self-assessed effects: neophilia, good dreams and decreased animal motivation.
  • The course is 10 injections (10 mg/day).
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